Soft, feminine cuts, comfortable silhouettes and exciting fabrics are the main characteristics of Anna Daubner's SS15 capsule collection, which was based on merging two themes. 
Firstly, the iconic 60's silhouettes were given a modern twist while retaining their ease and geometric cuts. Anna was inspired by some of her personal favorites: the casual elegance of Jane Birkin, the A-line dresses and skirts of Patty Boyd and even Twiggy's innocent charm. 
The other, surprisingly different element was based on the human body and it's structure. The garments feature soft, intertwining lines and waves, symbolizing the vascular system. Small details such as sky blue wolf teeth and embellishment elevate the collection from practical to exciting and stand out. The pastels of the soft, feminine color palette make any women feel confident and empowered when launching themselves into the buzzing city.