Describe your style in three words.

- Always something glittery.


When it comes to style, what is the most important : comfort, beauty, or sustainability?


- Fashion to me is all about beauty. If its coicidentally comfortable, sustainable or anyting else - that’s a plus.



And your most beloved item right now?

- It is a home decor item. I got an antique bird cage from my mom a few years ago for my birthday. A few weeks ago I was looking at it, and felt like it needed to be made into someting other than just sitting there. So I installed a light fixture inside, and fabfricated a pretty nice looking table lamp. If it’s turned on, it casts a beautiful shadow to the walls of my room.



Is there something that you are lusting after at the moment? Something that is missing from your wardrobe?

- I’m in desperate need of a chic and super warm winter coat to stay warm in the freezing weather.


Why did you choose these pieces from the collection for the photoshoot?

- One of my favorite color is blue - most specifically the shade of this coat. As I’m alwazs cold, so I paired it with this terazzo print high neck top to fight against the lower temperatures.


Photo - Zsófi Bodnár