Describe your style in three words.

- Classic, tomboy, depends on my mood.

When it comes to style, what is the most important : comfort, beauty, or sustainability?

- I try to keep in mind all three in my everyday life. Otherwise I’m not comfortable in my own skin.


And your most beloved item right now?

- I was on the hunt for a pair of trousers, but I istantly fell in love with a polkadot skirt. You know, the classic 60s frech schoolgirl kind. I immediately spotted it in the store.
Also I don’t like shopping, I’m more an impulsive buyer. If I spot something I like, I will buy it without any hesitation.

Is there something that you are lusting after at the moment? Something that is missing from your wardrobe?

- Maybe a classic black leather jacket. But I’m not really one to lust after clothes.


Why did you choose these pieces from the collection for the photoshoot?

- Because of their clean cuts, beautiful textures and soft colors. Together they form the perfect mixture!
I wasn’t really overthinking it. The fluffy croptop….right….and the pink jacket. Hmm. Let’s jazz it up with a silver boot, and see what’ll happen.