Describe your style in three words.

 - Changes every day.

When it comes to style, what is the most important : comfort, beauty, or sustainability?

- It is important to realise: we change the world with our product comsumption. This applies to clothing as well. I always try to buy from smaller, fair-trade brands or go to yard sales of vintage boutiques for treasures, to give them a second life. There is no such beauty that is more important than saving our environment. Also, I never wear clothes that are uncomfortable. I could never give up comfort for beauty.  


And your most beloved item right now?

- The jewellery that I allways wear. They remind me of good memories and this way they have their own magic power.


Is there something that you are lusting after at the moment? Something that is missing from your wardrobe?

- For years, I always lusted for a Doc Martens boot, that I just added to my collection. But usually I’m more of an impulsive shopper. I buy what I fall in love with.


Why did you choose these pieces from the collection for the photoshoot?

- The grey maxidress was love at first sight. It is floor-lenght, and I’m a big fan of long skirts. Also, I rarely wear colors, so I instatly gravitated to the black/grey pieces. The whole outfit has an edge, but is’s dressy at the same time - wich I can easily identify with.