The AW’15-16 collection – High ceilings – inspired by one of Eastern Europe’s most beautiful gothic basilica: the Saint Mary basilica in Krakow. The collection is about the collision of opposites and finding the balance. During the process of creating the collection, the designer would like to represent this balance by using dark colours and sophisticated lines.The core of the collection is how the ceiling is built up with the bricks after on top of each other. Inspired by the lines and architectural practicality, the garments are decorated and build together the same way. The golden velvet ribbon is drawing the glorious lines of the typical gothic churches, balancing out all the dark shades in the collection. The deep-toned colours are embellished by golden stripes which also emphasize the simple, structured lines. In the process of choosing the fabrics, it was an important aspect to eternize the symbolism of the inspirational source, like star patterned jacquard worked with metalic strings.