Principessa coat

78.900 HUF

Made of the same material as our beloved bombers, Principessa is the coat of your dreams this spring season. An oversized trench coat silhouette with the Wes Anderson inspired Grand Budapest print, creating a fun, yet classy look for the next months. 

Care: Wash at or below 30°C. Do not bleach. Do not put in the dryer. Iron at medium temperature (150 °C).

Material: The outside is made of 100% polyester and lined with 100% acetate. 

Almost each piece is made to order, so please be aware that usually it takes up to 2 weeks to deliver the piece to your door. Being eco conscious is important to us, we don't produce more than actually needed. Thank you for being patient, we appreciate it!


A kedvenc bomber dzsekik anyagából készült, Principessa térd alá érő kabátka a Wes Anderson által inspirált csodás Grand Budapest mintájában szuper egyedi megjelenést kölcsönöz viselőjének. Játékos, mégis a klasszikus sziluettnek köszönhetően egy elegáns darabja lesz a tavaszi gardróbodnak.