Mendl dress

65.900 HUF

Our beautiful Mendl dress comes back with the newest Wes Anderson inspired Grand Budapest print. The retracted neckline detail adds texture and dimension to the bodice. The long sleeves end in cuffs for a sophisticated look. The beautifully cut skirt reaches till the middle of the calves. Opens with a zipper on the side.

Care: Hand wash only. Do not bleach. Do not put in the dryer. Iron at medium temperature (150 °C).

Material: 100% viscose.

Sizing: S - Bust: 90 cm, Waist: 68 cm, Length: 108 cm, M - Bust: 94 cm, Waist: 72 cm, Length: 110 cm, L - Bust: 98 cm, Waist: 74 cm, Length: 112 cm

Almost each piece is made to order, so please be aware that usually it takes up to 2 weeks to deliver the piece to your door. Being eco conscious is important to us, we don't produce more than actually needed. Thank you for being patient, we appreciate it!



Gyönyörű Mendl ruha visszatér a legújabb Wes Anderson filmek által inspirált Grand Budapest mintával. A behúzott nyakrész igazán különlegessé teszi a klasszikus sziluettet, remek választás tavaszi randikra a parkban. A hosszú ujjak gombbal záródva kézelővel végződnek. Anyaga 100% viszkóz.